Bhairavi Puja


Benefits of worshipping Goddess Bhairavi:

  • Protects against all negative energies
  • Fulfills spiritual and material desires
  • Increases spiritual strength

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The Fierce Goddess. The female version of Bhairav. Bhairavi is of a fiery, volcanic red complexion, with three furious eyes, and disheveled hair. Her hair is matted, tied up in a bun, decorated by a crescent moon. She wears red garments and is adorned with a garland of skulls around her neck. Of her four hands, two are open and two hold a rosary and book.

Physical attributes
Goddess Bhairavi is almost indistinguishable from
the terrible Kali. They are much the same in looks,
except for the fact that Bhairavi is depicted as the
consort of Bhairava.
Bhairavi is also referred to as Shubmkari, who is
good to good people and terrible to bad ones.
Legend has it that, when Bhairavi entered the
battle field, her horrible appearance made the
demons weak-kneed and cowered under her gaze.
Most of the demons would start panicking the
moment they saw her.
In Durga Saptashathi, while slaying the demons
Shumbha and Nishumbha, Bhairavi is seen as the
Mahakali. However, she also slays Chanda and
Munda (the Chieftains of asuras) and drinks their
blood. Hence, Parvathi gives her the name,
Bhairavi in her other forms, is also identified with
Durga. In her violent form, she is sometimes shown
sitting on a donkey, her body covered with a tiger
skin and skeleton, her mouth dripping with the
blood of the asuras. She presents the abhaya
mudra (gesture which grants the devotee succour)
and vara mudhra (bestowing boons on the
devotee). Contrarily, she is also shown holding heavy weapons such as a trident, axe,
and thunderbolt.
Bhairavi is associated with the Mahapralaya (the Great Deluge at the end of each yuga or
epoch), during which all creation is dissolved in the formless waters of destruction. Since
everything that is ever created is destroyed, destruction exists everywhere. In that
sense, Goddess Bhairavi exists everywhere.


Name TRIPUR BHAIRAVI (terror of the 3 worlds)
Mahavidya The fire of truth
Worship means To let the awesome power of truth destroy all impediments to spiritual growth by burning them in the fire of tapas (ascetism).
Enhances Inner light, removal of the 9 impediments of mind

11000 Jaap, 21000 Jaap, 151000 Jaap


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