Bhuvaneshvari Puja


Benefits of worshipping Goddess Bhuvaneshwari:

  • Blesses with mesmerizing personality
  • Blesses with good beauty, good fortune, good health, and prosperity
  • All-round financial prosperity and stability
  • Offers protection from diseases, enemies, and problems
  • Receives unexpected and huge monetary gains
  • Blesses worshipper with a joyous family life
  • Offers fame and respect, worldwide
  • Blesses the worshipped with 64 divine virtues which help them succeed in every venture they take

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The Goddess as World Mother, or Whose Body is all 14 lokas (whole cosmos). Bhuvaneshwari is of a fair, golden complexion, with three content eyes as well as a calm mien. She wears red and yellow garments, decorated with ornaments on her limbs and has four hands. Two of her four hands hold a goad and noose while her other two hands are open. She is seated on a divine, celestial throne.

Name BHUVANESHWARI (queen of the universe)
Mahavidya The love of infinite space
Worship means To let the fullness of inner space merge with the cosmic womb of outer space, with the divine mother, and join the play of loving union with everything.
Mantra HRING
Enhances Universal love

11000 Jaap, 21000 Jaap, 151000 Jaap


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