Matangi Puja


Benefits of worshipping Goddess Matangi:

Protection from:

  • Helplessness and poverty
  • Evil eyed people and black magic
  • Mental, physical and financial instability

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The Prime Minister of Lalita (in Srikula systems), sometimes called the “Tantric Saraswati”. Matangi is depicted as emerald green in complexion, with lush, disheveled black hair, three placid eyes and a calm look on her face. She is seen wearing red garments and apparel, bedecked with various ornaments all over her delicate limbs. She is seated on a royal throne and she has four hands, three of which hold a sword or scimitar, a skull and a Veena (a musical instrument). Her one hand bestows boons to her devotees.

Physical attributes
Matangi is depicted as having three eyes, dark (blue-black or dark emerald) complexion,
extremely beautiful and sensuous, with large breasts, slender waist and long, flowing
locks. She holds a goad, a noose, a sword and a sarod, a musical instrument. Of course,
these items differ from region to region.
Matangi is considered to be born as a chandala or outcaste. Her father was a chandala
who was raised as a Brahmin. Maybe this is how she originated as a tribal or non-Vedic
Devi Matangi is associated with strong sexual energy, the expression of which may take
several forms. Though part of the Mahavidya group of Shaktis, Devi Matangi is complete
in herself and is regarded as the most potent Sacred Feminine.


Name MATANGI (power of intellect)
Mahavidya Speaking truth purifies
Worship means To speak truth, teach truth, sing of truth, paint truth, even if it makes us outcasts, even if we feel unsuited, and thus invoke its purifying power.
Enhances Creativity, harmony, mantra meditation, teaching

11000 Jaap, 21000 Jaap, 151000 Jaap


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